The end is near


As I sit here writing to you I am surrounded by packing boxes and suitcases. Our time here in Northern California has come to an end and we are in the process of packing up all our belongings ready to return home to Western Australia.

It is a bitter sweet process really. We have so loved living here and we have met some wonderful people that we now consider apart of our family. It has been very hard to say goodbye to the people we cherish and the city we have fallen in love with but at the same time we are very excited to be returning to our home and to our loved ones. I recently heard somebody explain the feeling like this “I am always home sick because I am never fully home. As I have moved and traveled a little piece of my heart has been left all over the world with the people that I love. I guess we are never fully home until we are all together in eternity”.

The experience we have had here at ministry school has been life changing. It has been an amazing time of personal and spiritual growth for us all. It has been a time of fresh revelations, immense breakthroughs, learning, discovering, stepping out, being brave and bold….. and I could go on and on….

The end of this chapter in our story has finished and I am very excited to turn the page and start the next one. It is a blank page ready for our story to be written. What the story will contain I do not know, but I look forward to it with hopeful anticipation.



*We will be traveling and settling in back home over the next couple of weeks so this space will be a little quiet but I shall be back writing again very soon:)

Enjoying the last days of summer

The leaves are starting to turn from green to yellow and red and are falling from the trees to the ground. The early mornings are cool and the sun is getting slower to rise in the morning and earlier to set in the evenings. Autumn or shall I say Fall since I am in California, is just around the corner. I am celebrating these little changes, summer would be my least favorite season so I am glad for the cooler weather to come.

This week we have enjoyed the last days of summer by playing outside on the lush green grass and swimming in our pool. The water was freezing but Will stayed in the pool until his lips turned blue and he was shivering from head to toe.

IMG_4642 IMG_4646 IMG_4653 IMG_4673 IMG_4682 IMG_4688 IMG_4694At the end of this month Fall will officially begin and the days should start to get cooler. I am looking forward to seeing the scenery change around us, the green will be replaced with earthy tones and I am sure pumpkins will soon start appearing at peoples front doors. Maybe I could get a pumpkin carving lesson while I am here.