The adventures of our little family

IMG_8514There have been some changes going on here on my Blessed Meek blog. I have started writing about our family adventures over at the new place Blessed Meek, the adventures of our little family.

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Blessed will be where I share my writings with you as I journey through this blessed life. The journey of becoming more meek. To becoming more humble, more righteous, more loving, more gentle, more patient and to becoming more of the woman who God created me to be, Meek.

School days….

Greg is in his second week of school at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM for short) and he is of course loving it. He comes home and tells me all the cool things he has been experiencing and I am totally jealous!

I have been going to as many church services at Bethel as humanly possible. Greg, as a student at BSSM, is only allowed to go to one allocated service a week. This is because church is so awesome and if all of the two thousand students went to all of the services it would be packed out all the time so unfortunately they have to limit them to one a week. As I am not a student this rule does not apply to me so I have been going along by myself. I do not want to waste any opportunity I have to go, we have come such a long way and gave up a lot to be here so I am going to soak up as much as possible.

We are in week four of homeschooling with William. We have settled into a good routine and things are going along well. He is a bright little cookie and I am loving seeing his progress. We visit the Library each week here in Redding. Will is fascinated with the book return. You place your book into the slot and watch it move along a conveyor belt on a TV screen. It shoots into a sorting bin and then the light turns green and you place your next book into the slot. It is pretty fancy, but when you have checked out a lot of books it takes ages to return them as you have to do it one at a time!

IMG_4712 IMG_4703 IMG_4716IMG_7951

Exploring our new city… the sun dial bridge & the sacremento river


We finally had the opportunity to get out and about and explore our new city of Redding in California. We ventured down to Turtle Bay and walked the sun dial bridge and admired the Sacramento River.

IMG_7895IMG_7891IMG_7901It really is beautiful here, lots of lush forests and mountains are all around us. There are also lots of trails, rivers, parks and lakes and I cant wait to explore them all. It is coming to the end of summer here. The weather has been hot, up in the high thirties and some days even in the forties but the heat is actually tolerable, the sun does not seem to beat down so fiercely here like it does in Australia. It has not kept us indoors at all, we have still be walking to the store and back in the middle of the day. We have another month of warm days and then the weather will turn and fall shall be upon us. It will be lovely to see the trees turn from green to yellow and orange.