Homeschool 101 Series | How to write up a learning plan

Todays topic in the Homeschool 101 series is about how you can write a simple homeschool learning plan to show your Homeschool Moderator when they come to visit you for the very first time.

Once you have registered to begin homeschooling a Homeschool Moderator will be in contact with you with in three months of you registering and they will make a time to come and visit with you. In your meeting you will need to show the moderator a learning plan and that is simply a plan of what you are going to be teaching your children and what books, programs or curriculum you plan on using to do that.

You will need to make a learning plan for each child that you plan on homeschooling and I have created a couple of simple plans that you can download and use for yourself.

In my video I show you how I fill out my simple learning plan to show my moderator as well as share some other useful tips with you.


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