Different ways to show progress in your children’s learning

I hope that you are enjoying the Homeschool 101 series. Today’s topic is all about how to show that your children are progressing in their school work which is a really important topic. As the homeschooling parent you will need to report on your children’s learning at the end of each homeschool year to your moderator.

Showing progress in your children’s learning is actually really easy to do, you just need to remember to be doing it through out the school year. There are three main ways that you can understand how your child is progressing…

  1. Through observations
  2. By collecting work samples
  3. Conducting formal assessments


Through out the year you can observe your children making progress and make note of it. You could keep written notes in a diary format and include the date at which you made the observation.

Work Samples…

You could collect pieces of work over the school year to show how they have improved. For example if you were collecting samples of their writing you could collect a piece of work from the beginning, the middle and then the end of the school year.

Formal assessments…

You could also use formal assessment like taking part in the NAPLAN or often in homeschool curriculum they may include assessment or revision sections in the curriculum that you could use.

As a homeschooling parent it is up to you how you report progress to your moderator so you can be as creative as you would like to be. For some more ideas on how to show progress of your children’s learning check out my video below.


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