How to choose a homeschool curriculum | Homeschool 101 series

Welcome to the third instalment of the Homeschool 101 series! Today we are going to chat about how to pick a homeschool curriculum that suits you and your family.

When beginning your homeschool journey some times it is hard to know where to start. There are so many different curriculums, resources and learning styles out there to choose from it can feel overwhelming. When I am looking for homeschool curriculum I always take into consideration what is going to be best for my children, for myself and for our family situation.

For my children I take into consideration their age and what learning style suits them. For myself I think about will I need online programs to make it easier to homeschool multiple children at once or do I need an open and go curriculum because I find it easier to prepare. And considering my situation I think about how may children I have homeschooling and what will be the easiest and most cost effective way to homeschool or am i going to travel so I need to be able to do something on the road.

When it comes to researching homeschooling curriculum the first place that I go to is Cathy Duffy Reviews (which you can find here). This website lists all of the homeschool curriculum that is available and it also includes a short review.
it is a great place to start your homeschool curriculum research.

Another great idea is to start with using free homeschool curriculum. That way you can start without having to invest too much money into books and resources and you can really figure out what is going to work for you, what learning stye suits you best all without having to shell out any money. Easy Peasy Homeschool, Ambleside Online and The Good and the Beautiful all offer free homeschool programs.

You can watch my video to find our more helpful information about how to go about choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family.


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