Fear had been telling me what to do. It kept me standing in my own little safety zone, never allowing me to step out into the unknown. Fear would tell me that out in the unknown there is quite possibly pain, rejection, hurt, embarrassment and who knows what else. Fear fed me lies and kept me afraid and staying exactly where I was in my safety zone.

I heard someone say that you need to chase down your fears and at first I thought that it just sounded crazy. Why would I want to run after the things that make me afraid? And then it got me to thinking; fear is not from God so it just may be the enemy. Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44) and he feeds me lies and keeps me in a state of fear and that fear stands in the way of me stepping into the things that God has for me. It keeps me from Gods ultimate plan for my life.

Last year we entered into the world of Foster Care and became Foster parents. Fear had held me back before, feeding me lies of it is going to be hard to get registered, it will be too hurtful to see what the children have gone through, it will be too hard to let go, too hard to love them as your own. The enemy had me right where he wanted me, staying right where I was and doing nothing at all to love the least of these. But we felt the fear and did it anyway.

Fear is still a part of my life but I am learning not to let it tell me what to do anymore. I am chasing down my fears, stepping into the things that make me afraid, and it is there that I learn to overcome fear.

Stepping out and facing your fear leads to intimacy with the Lord, another thing that the enemy tries to keep you from. That is where we need God the most; we lean on Him the most, listen to Him the most, trust Him the most. All of these things create a stronger connection with the Lord. The Holy Spirit comes and fills us with His power and courage to do the things that make us afraid.

What could happen if regular people like you and me got filled with God’s Spirit and carried His power and courage? The world around us couldn’t help but be impacted and changed for the better. What if we all felt the fear and did the brave and courageous things anyway?

I want to encourage you with this verse—Joshua 1:9 says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Hold onto this verse and breathe in the courage, let it soak into your spirit and let it rise within your heart and then chase down your fears one by one.

Its time to stop avoiding things that are difficult and painful


Throughout my life I have tried very hard to avoid doing anything that is too difficult or too painful. I like to stay within my little comfort zone, where everything is safe, easy and relatively pain free.

Staying in the safe places that we build for ourselves will not allow for any growth in our lives. You see growth usually comes from the times in our lives where we are stretched and challenged. Safe and easy does not teach us anything, but difficulties and pain more often than not bring a whole lot of growth, strength and perseverance.

God sometimes calls us to do things that may be difficult and painful. But He has created us not to have a spirit of fear and timidity but to have His peace and courage upon us. Which means we can do the difficult and painful things with Him constantly by our side leading us through them.

Through those difficult and painful situations we will begin to grow closer in relationship with Him, grow in our relationship with others and grow in character and strength. The growth possibilities are endless but we will never experience the wonderful season of growth unless we attempt the difficult and painful things. Unless we step out of our little safe zones and step out into the big wide world.

I recently read this verse in the bible and its words just jumped off the page and leaped right into my heart…

So when I tried to understand it all, I just couldn’t. It was too puzzling – too much of a riddle for me. But then , one day I was brought into the sanctuaries of God, and in the light of the glory, my distorted perspective vanished. Psalm 73 verse 17 – 18

I am now entering into a season that will have its many difficulties and its painful moments. Before, this thing that I had in my heart to do seemed too difficult and too painful for me to even begin to attempt. The thing that has changed for me is that I went into the sanctuary of God and He changed my perspective of the thing I had in my heart to do, the very thing that God was calling me to do.

When you enter into the sanctuary of the Lord, when you come into His presence He begins to fill you with His love, peace and strength. He spoke courage straight into my heart and soul and now I feel that I can now face anything. I have faith in God that He will never leave or abandon me through these difficult times, that He will constantly provide the lamp to my feet guiding me each step of the way. He will give me His strength to deal with the difficult situations and painful feelings that I may face and have to endure.

God has remained faithful to me time and time again and He will not fail me now. So here I am bravely stepping out into the unknown once again, bravely stepping out into difficult and possibly painful situations but they are being made easier to face because I can hear God calling me into it and He will go with me so what am I to fear when the almighty King, the great I am is on my side.

Change : Facing change without fear.


Fear can be one of our biggest stumbling blocks to change. We fear the unknown and we fear that we may fail but we cannot let fear hold us back from stepping into change.

We need to make an exchange with God. We need to give Him all our worries and all our fears and take on His strength and His courage. We need to increase our faith to decrease our fear.

Fear will keep us trapped where we are, resisting change and all the good and wonderful things that it can bring, but if we have the core values that God is good, that He never fails us, that He strengthens us, provides for us and will always help us then we will be free from the fear holding us back.

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13

We need to hold true to our convictions and our core values and believe. To believe in the Almighty God and that He is who He says He is and that He will do what He said He will do and step into change with faith and courage.

So I encourage you to step closer to God, to feel His presence and hear His voice and receive His strength and courage. Remind yourself of all the times that you have boldly stepped out before and God has been there strengthening and upholding you. Your history with God is living proof of His love and faithfulness to you. And lastly, surround yourself with people who will encourage you and cheer you on as you embrace your new season of change.



I leave the gift of peace with you -my peace. Not the kind of fragile peace given by the world, but my perfect peace. Don’t yield to fear or be troubled in your hearts – instead, be courageous! John 14 v 27 TPT

Jesus gives us His perfect peace. He does not want us to live in fear but He wants us to be courageous. To be courageous is to have a spirit of bravery. To face life and everything and anything that may come your way with boldness.

I feel as though I have got a good grip on Jesus’ perfect peace but now I need to start living life more courageously, more boldly. I want to be more courageous and step out of my comfort zone and start doing things that may challenge me. To start up a conversation with someone that I may not usually talk to or share more openly about my faith. To pray for complete healing for the sick instead of just asking God to comfort them. It is to do the thing that God is calling you to do, at the moment He asks, that requires you to have great courage.

God longs for us to be lionhearted. A lion is strong, fearless and bold. A lion roars with power and it does not run from anything. The lion is known as the king of the jungle, it represents royalty. We are sons and daughters of the king and we need to begin to walk in the way of royalty. We need to be courageous and step out and with our spirit of bravery we can do great things.

Jesus, I thank you for your gift of peace and I ask you to fill me with your courageous spirit. Amen.