Woody and the Toy Story gang

Here is the next installment of what Woody and his cheeky gang have been up to at our house…

Buzz managed to run the water in the bath for the gang to enjoy a dip and a spin around the bath in Wills boat.


The toys kicked back and had a movie night complete with popcorn for a snack!


It took Will a little while to discover the toys on this morning. It was not until we climbed into the car to go to school that we noticed what the gang had been up to the previous night. They were busted driving the car. Now we are not sure if we caught them leaving or returning home.


William had a good giggle at this one. The gang wrapping themselves in Christmas paper.


Playing hide and seek and it was Woody’s turn to count. Jesse was the winner as William never found her hiding up on the shelf.


Playing their own board game, they are clever little toys…


And the cheeky gang escaped outside again and were digging in the dirt, actually they were burying each other!


The gang are still up to no good here so stay tuned for more of their shenanigans!


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