Exploring our new city… kids kingdom

We took the children to play at Kids Kingdom in Enterprise Park the other day and they absolutely loved it. It was a chance for them to get out and run and play and enjoy the great outdoors. Enterprise Park is quite large. It has gardens, playing fields and a children’s playground which also has a water playground.

The park is just lovely with all its beautiful trees and cute little squirrels running here and there, climbing the trees and hiding underneath the playground. William kept referring to them as possums, you can take the boy out of Australia but you cant take the Australian out of the boy!

IMG_4461 IMG_4479 IMG_4486

Emily crawled around and around and around the play structure. It was perfect for her with all the ramps and it was never ending so she could make her way around the whole thing. She would chase after William but he was too fast for her. She is making progress with her walking but she still has a little ways to go yet. She will hold onto our hands and walk along, then she likes to sit down with a thump and give herself a little clap for being so clever. By the time she had finished playing on the playground she was filthy from head to toe.

We did not have the children’s bathers or towels with us the first time we visited the park so we returned the next day to have some fun in the water. It was such a lovely way to cool down from the summer heat. They played in the water until their lips turned blue from being cold and then we knew it was time to get dry and head home for lunch.

IMG_4561 IMG_4535 IMG_4549


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