Exploring our new city…. Whiskeytown Lake

This weekend we took a drive out to the picturesque Whiskeytown Lake. It is not very far from where we live, only about a fifteen to twenty minute drive.


Whiskeytown is nestled among the hills and valleys of the Klamath Mountains. The lake is perfect for swimming, sailing, canoeing, snorkeling and fishing. There are plenty of hiking trails and four wheel drive tracks and even some waterfalls.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful as we drove out of town, looking at the mountains and the forest. We saw cute little old buildings along the highway and we even spotted a family of bears crossing the road as we drove through the forest to the lake.

IMG_8027 IMG_8086 IMG_8042 IMG_8062The water was lovely and cool. We swam, the children played in the shallows and Greg taught William how to skip rocks across the surface of the lake. It certainly is a very pretty part of the world here in Northern California and we are still feeling so very blessed and thankful that we get to be here.



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