Art class ::: a lesson on bravery

I have now completed the prophetic art class that I was taking. It was so much fun and I learned a lot. I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for it.

On Sunday we had our last class and we presented a final piece of art. I was so nervous about showing my work.  I am not as technically good as the other students in the class and I really struggled with confidence about my piece but the class has taught me that I should not be working to please others, I should enjoy the creative and spiritual process and work to convey a message that God has given me or placed on my heart.

I spent a very long time working on a picture for the final art show and I just was not happy with it. One evening I was feeling so frustrated with it that I put it aside and started creating another piece of art. I was just enjoying painting, working with the water colours and listening to music and I created a new piece of art in about ten minutes. When I finished I heard God whisper to me “this is it, your final piece for the show”. I looked at the picture I had just completed, it wasn’t perfect, there were drip marks and splash marks, the colours had run together and I had not really paid too much attention to the things that make a great masterpiece like placement, light source, where the eye travels to etc but I had really enjoyed the experience and I had captured the message that God had placed on my heart, and who am I to argue with the master creator himself!

The message was that He has made me brave. I can feel him standing with me and strengthening me. He has led me here to this place, to be doing what I am doing and he is getting me ready to do great things in his name. I can do all these things through Christ who strengthens me. Sometimes I do not feel brave at all and I need to remind myself that I am because He is.

I felt very brave to submit such an imperfect piece of art and I received some lovely feedback on it. So here it is…

you make me brave artA feathered head dress for a princess warrior.

I will probably need to keep reminding myself that I am brave and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me so this piece of art shall be displayed on the wall to remind me each day.


3 thoughts on “Art class ::: a lesson on bravery

  1. I LOVE IT! It is fabulous Meek. Wow and wow I really really like it. The feathers are beautiful and so is the message. I say “Do some more water colours.”
    To put into your book of devotional thoughts.
    Big hugs Di

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