There will be so much more for you than what you can put in the box

God has more for you than what you can put in a box

Do you ever find yourself trying to figure it all out?

In your mind you put together elaborate plans of how everything you are hoping for and dreaming of can come together.

You package your plan up in a neat little box and then bring it before God and say “look, here is how everything can come together. Please bless my wonderful ideas and bring them to fruition.”

Sound familiar?

I do this all the time and I am trying my very hardest not to do it this time. You see God is a much better planner, dreamer and designer than me. The things he has for me are far greater than anything that I can present to him in a neat little box.

God has unending and unfolding promises. Some of those promises are in eternity, his plans unfold forever. He has far greater things for me than anything I can dream up. I am {trying my best at} abandoning my neat little box and coming to him with expectancy, saying God I can not wait to see what you are going to do with me.


2 thoughts on “There will be so much more for you than what you can put in the box

  1. Hi Meek,
    Just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying your post, keep them coming. Enjoy your special time away and keep having fun together.
    Love Barb

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