More of you…


I want more of you God, less of me and more of you. These words I have sung out to the Lord, these words I have prayed over and over again…. more of you and less of me.

It has dawned on me that my cry should not be for less of myself. God created me, He dwells within me and Holy Spirit wants to work through me, to do that I need to be me. Not to have less of me but more of me in Christ’s likeness.

The cry to have less of myself has made me feel some what inadequate. That I am nothing, can do nothing and that I am not enough. Yet my Heavenly Father tells me that I am beautifully and wonderfully made, that I am made in His image and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I have believed the lie that I am not enough and therefore there should be less of myself.

God wants to partner with us, to work in and through us so that we can do greater things than have been done before. There should not be less of myself just more of Him in me. There should be less of me thinking about myself and more of me thinking and living the way that He created me to be. Less selfishness and more giving, less entitlement and more meekness, less fear and more courage. Just taking myself and being who He created me to be, trying to be my best self, Him and me together.


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