Always pray and do not give up


How often do we give up praying when we do not see the answers we think we need? How often do we give up praying when the answers we seek do not fit into our time line of right here right now?

Jesus tells us to always pray and do not give up. To hold firm to our faith.

Gods greatest desire is to have intimacy with us. In to me see. When we give up on praying, when we give up talking with Him, sharing our desires, hurts, fears, passions, thoughts then we are giving up on that relationship with Him. He no longer gets to see in to our hearts.

It is important for us to remember that God is a faithful God who provides. We will see answers to all that we ask. Set aside our time lines and our agendas. Our life stretches beyond this one and sometimes those answers fall onto the  eternity side of life.

God wants us, our hearts, intimacy with Him. For us to pray and to not give up and through that our relationship with Him grows, flourishes and is strengthened. Strengthened so that when our prayers seem like they are taking forever to be answered we still have a firm foundation of faith, we know who God is and we know that we are loved and not abandoned.

So I encourage you to pray and to not give up. Do not come to him with a list of requests but come to Him with your heart. Talk to him, pour out your love and affection and He will pour more of His love and affection into you then you could ever imagine. You will see answers come and fruitfulness from faithfulness.


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