Dreaming of adventures


Once upon a time I used to dream of wondrous adventures, about taking off into the big wide world with the wind in my hair and the sunshine on my face.

I would dream of wondering the streets of Paris with my lover on my arm, perusing the boutiques and dining at the finest cafe, eating the freshest breads topped with divine cheeses.

Of cruising around the Greek islands on a beautiful boat, swimming in the ocean and watching the sun sink into the sea.

Of traveling the world with nothing but a bag on my back, a camera around my neck and my best friend, my hubby by my side.

I never dreamed that this would become my life. It used to just be a fantasy, something hoped for but never thought would actually happen.

But it did. I wandered the streets of Paris, sailed around the Greek islands and many many more exotic destinations. I traveled the world with my best friend and now my children. I can not put into words how amazing this is to me. Every time I recount my travels to a new friend that I meet I am amazed at the adventures we have taken these past eight years. We are so very blessed.

What is the next adventure that I am dreaming of? To be home, in my little home by the sea with my close friends and family once again. To be walking down my favorite beach hand in hand with my hubby while the children run and play in the sand and sea. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and this is very true for me and my home town right now.

Will there be more adventures for me and my little family? Probably! We like to go wherever the wind may take us (and by wind I mean the Holy Spirit) but for now the wind is calling me home. Only nine more weeks and we will be back on Australian soil.

I am taking part in the Life Captured Inc Prompts.


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of adventures

  1. Oh wow!! Can’t believe its been nearly a year!! So excited to see you soon! Am so looking forward to hearing all about the journey you have been on and what you’ve learnt and what your passionate about and what you’ve seen!! Lol!! 😉

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