Being vulnerable is always hard, but being vulnerable can lead you into a deeper and more intimate relationship. That relationship may be with your spouse, a family member, a close friend or with Father God but the key is always the same, being vulnerable.

When you are vulnerable you begin to move beyond your hardened outer layer that you have spent many years reinforcing for protection and you open up your heart and share your deepest thoughts, dreams, desires, fears and joys. You are giving someone a window into your heart and soul, it is intimacy – in to me see.

It is hard to be vulnerable, it is not always easy to open up and share, to lay your heart bare to another but to not be vulnerable is even harder. Bottling yourself up, building walls and impenetrable fences around yourself is even more damaging.  For when your loved ones can not see into your heart they can not help you when it is beginning to break. The hurt becomes deeper, the walls become thicker and the fences become higher.

Being vulnerable in my relationships is something that I am learning to do. Opening up and laying my heart out to those that I know and love and trust  so that they can love and support me in my times of need, pray for me, guide me, mourn with me and rejoice with me.

Life is always better when we walk hand in hand with others.


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