My new words of wisdom that I am holding on to at the moment are… you are exactly where you need to be so grow where you have been planted.

Even when all I feel like I am doing at the moment are the mundane things in life – work, school, runs, soccer games, grocery shopping, paying the bills, wiping faces, cleaning up toys… I am exactly where I need to be right here right now.

Life is a training ground. We should always be seeking to grow and gain wisdom in whatever season we may find ourselves in but sometimes it feels hard to put down roots and begin to grow where we are planted because we are struggling with where we actually are. We are world changes, life leaders, kingdom builders who are still wiping the faces of two year olds or working nine to five in a job that does not seem all that glamorous. We find ourselves longing for the future that is filled with big dreams and desires but we are stuck in the mundane of the here and now.

But, I am exactly where I need to be. Even if it feels mundane or it does not feel like it is quite lining up with the promises I think I have from God, I am still right where I need to be. Remember life is a training ground and what I do with my small life now will have a great impact on the big life that is coming.

So if I stop and begin to live in the here and the now and recognize that I carry the Spirit of God and His wisdom, that wisdom can touch my everyday life and position me to walk into the big things that God has install for me.

When I walk with the knowledge and understanding that I have the Spirit of God in me and I have His wisdom hidden in my heart I can then take the mundane things in my life and do them well.

I can do the mundane things with the heart of a world changer, life leader, kingdom builder. Everything that I do – the way I love and care for my children, the way I show grace and mercy to others, the way I care for my community, the kindness I show to strangers, all these things help to advance Gods kingdom on earth and that is not mundane at all.

Grow where you are planted, no matter the season you are in. Do the small things well. Take a look at all the things that you do in your everyday life and then think about what you can do with those things when you have Christ living in you.

When you can grow and learn in your small mundane season (your training ground) you can then flourish in the big things that God has install for you.


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