A new year : and so the adventure begins….


Today marks the first day of a new year. Like a fresh blank page in a new journal with pages that are waiting to have a brand new story written upon them.

The anticipation of the new year ahead is nearly killing me. I have to remember to slow down and enjoy the month of January as it will be the calm before the storm so to speak. Once February hits the busyness will start back up again but it is a welcomed busy, one that we have been eagerly anticipating, praying for, training for and preparing for.

2016 will be the year that I leave my comfort zone far behind me and step into a new season of exploring what God has for me. I love this challenge that Bill Johnson puts to us in this short video below. He invites us to explore the height, width and breadth of what God has given to us, it’s no good to have knowledge of what He has given to us through the word without exploring it.


Happy New Year everybody, lets go and explore together!


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