Becoming wise ; being transformed into the bride of Christ


In Proverbs chapter 31 from verse 10 through to the end of the book it talks about The Radiant Bride. It is a picture of the perfect bride, or a virtuous woman but it is also a picture of the end-time victorious bride of Jesus Christ.

It says (reading from The Passion Translation); as the bride of Christ, we should be of strength and mighty valour, full of wealth and wisdom, give out revelation truth, be extravagantly generous to the poor, have a shining light that can not be distinguished and have bold power and glorious majesty wrapped around us (just to name a few).

When you read through the chapter it can become a little overwhelming.Our focus usually goes straight to all the things that we are not or to the things that we are seriously falling short at being but Proverbs 31 actually gives us a picture of what we can become.

Jesus loves us just where we are in our journey, but He also sees the potential that we have. He looks at us and can see the virtuous and radiant bride that we are going to become.

Proverbs 31 is not a picture of what we look like at the start of our journey but what we will look like at the end of our journey. As we walk with the Lord, growing closer to Him, soaking up His word and His wisdom we become transformed into His likeness and transformed into the radiant bride of Christ.

Father God we thank you that you love us just where we are and I thank you that you never give up on us. I pray that you help us to not focus on our downfalls but to see the victorious and radiant bride that we are going to be. I pray that we will be transformed into your likeness as we draw closer to you, spending more time in your presence and reading your word. Amen.


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