Live fully alive

Sometimes I feel like I am living my life on a hamster wheel. Going around and around, doing the same things day in and day out. When somebody asks me how my week was I draw a blank, I know I have lived life but nothing extraordinary has stood out to me in my week. We are all still alive, we got through the school week and here we are back at the weekend again where we are supposed to recover so that we can do the same old stuff all over again next week.

If I were to describe my life as a colour it would be grey. There are little glimpses of colour here and there but mostly it just feels grey. I found myself hoping for the future, looking forward to the “some days”. Some day I am going to write that book that I secretly desire to write, some day I am gong to travel again, some day I am going to get out and enjoy our beautiful city, and the list of some day dreams go on and on and on.

I grew up singing the history maker songs and believing that I was going to change the world but I do not feel very close to that dream at all. I know that I have a God-given identity and destiny and a divine purpose but when does that all begin? Here and now in this grey life?

I have come to realise that I was waiting for life to begin, for the mundane of my day to give way to a more adventurous life. But what if some day never arrives? There will always be the regular day-to-day things that I have to do; will I let life keep me from living? And life is pretty beautiful right now so what makes me yearn for more than I already have?

I could try and blame all my yearning “for more” on the world of today and it’s highlight reels on instagram and facebook, but playing the blame game achieves nothing. I must own my own thoughts, feelings and reactions and grab a hold of them and set them onto the right path.

Our destiny is not just a place where we arrive at; where we say I am here, now let the living begin. Our destiny is actually the journey; it is an adventure full of possibilities, potential, and promise.

If you feel like your life is a shade of grey right now then my advice is this, do not wait for your life to begin, live fully alive right here right now. Live intentionally.

Living intentionally is so important on this journey of fulfilling our destiny. Every day we make choices and we can choose to embrace life right now, even if the current season we are in seems impossible or terribly dull. Living intentionally means being present in your everyday. Slow down, take time to breath in and see the beauty in the every day.

See life as an adventure, even when it’s not perfect. Do things you enjoy everyday. Find the time to walk, rest, read, spend time with a special someone. Whatever it is that makes you smile and brings joy to your heart, find the time to do it.

Accept where you are; don’t look to someone else’s season with envy. You are where you are. Ask for God’s wisdom in your season if you need a shift

Cultivate a heart of gratitude. We need to have hope even when things seem hopeless.

Build intimacy with God. Have a solid foundation and identity in God, don’t define your value based on whether you can overcome a challenge or not. Find value and victory in God and when you do face problems ask the Lord for heaven’s solution to them.

No matter where you find yourself in life, there will always be more things to learn and more obstacles to overcome but we have to learn to live in the here and now, to grab a hold of our God-given identities and our divine purposes and live them out.

Don’t wait for your life to begin, live fully alive right now. Look at your heart position and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the thinking that does not align with His, ask Him to show you the colour where you see the grey.


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