Longing for breakthrough…

To be honest with you, at the beginning of the year I wasn’t too excited about the year ahead. I held God’s promises in one hand and my problems and fears in the other. I was focusing too much on the fears and problems and had forgotten to focus on my promises from God and all the good that He can do this year.

When you stare at your fears and problems too much then hope for a bright future fades. I needed a breakthrough. I have prayed so many times for breakthrough but what I have discovered is that you cannot just sit back and wait for something to happen, you have to start making changes yourself.

When I need a breakthrough I look for where Jesus is. I look back on my life and see where Jesus was in the hard times. He did not leave me then and He won’t leave me now. I try to stay focused on the ways that God has come through for me in the past and not on the problems or fears that are before me right now.

I make sure that I have a thankful heart. I make a list of the things that I am thankful for and I mediate on them often.

I surround myself with happy and life giving people, even when I don’t feel like it. Hanging around people who breathe life into me, who inspire hope and courage help to lift me up.

I have to remind myself that the circumstances that I find myself in right now will not last forever. This season will end.

I refuse to partner with any thought that doesn’t inspire hope in my life. I have the mind of Christ, so I should not allow any thought in my mind that isn’t in His. I must take captive my thoughts, filter them through hope, and refuse to listen to the ones that bring death and not life.

And I remind myself that everything works out for good in the end. So if it isn’t good, then it isn’t the end (Romans 8:28).

If you feel a lack of hope going into this year, then I encourage you to not let go of God’s promises for your life in the midst of your problems. Instead of focussing on your fears and your problems, take some time to imagine all the good that God can do this year. If you are longing for breakthrough then don’t sit back and wait, start making some changes today.


One thought on “Longing for breakthrough…

  1. This is such a good word and a confirmation to something I have been considering of late. God can’t guide a stationary vehicle. We need to be moving. Breakthrough is coming, we just need to keep stepping into the everyday.

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