I am no longer a slave to fear


One of my words for this season that I find myself in is fearless. I have the word fearless on a giving key necklace that I wear around my neck to remind myself that I am bold, brave, courageous and lionhearted. I am fearless. God did not create me with a spirit of fear, He created me to be powerful and have a sound mind. So when fear comes knocking at my door, which it still does, I do not have to answer it. I have all the power and authority over fear and the following is how I train myself to be lionhearted.

I read my bible. But I don’t just read the bible to get my quota of scripture in for the day but I really read it. I read until something jumps out at me, then I stop and read that bit of scripture over and over again. I ask God what He is trying to say to me through those words in that moment.

If I want to know how God thinks and how to hear the sound of His voice then I have to read His words. Then I will begin to understand His ways and His thoughts and His purpose for my life. It also helps me to put on Christ each and every day instead of my fears and worries.

I also find that I may not remember everything that I have read in the word of God right after I have just read it but I know that it is going in to my mind, heart and soul and that it will come to the surface when the enemy comes with his lies. I then have the discernment to know “wait a second, that’s now how God speaks or thinks so that must not be God speaking but the enemy instead”. I can reject destructive ways of thinking and not let fear and worry take a hold of me.

I pray and spend time in the secret place. It is in that place, being alone and totally focused on God that I become refreshed and filled up by the Holy Spirit. But I don’t just have a time of devotion but I am totally devoted to God. He is always there and He is always available to talk to me and listen to me. I can access Him anytime and anywhere. I tap in to Him constantly and as I acknowledge His presence more and I begin to see transformation take place within me.

I worship God in spirit and in truth, with my head and my heart. Worship is not just a service that I go to once a week at church but it is a lifestyle. When the fear and worry begins to creep in I change the atmosphere around me, I turn on worship music. I turn my mind, heart and affections towards God. I focus on His goodness and the ways that He has rescued me and provided for me time and time again. As I connect with who He is, I can begin to hand over my fears and worries to Him thus shifting and changing the atmosphere that surrounds me.

I think that we will always face fears but it is how we choose to respond to them that matter. Fear only has the level of authority that we give to it. Instead of giving in to fear, stay in connection with Gods perfect love. Recognising and discerning fear is half of the battle. Once you see the fear coming at you, you can take authority over it. Remember that you were not created with a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. You are bold, brave, courageous and lionhearted. You are fearless.


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