Taking your thoughts captive

Our inner thoughts, the things we silently speak over ourselves day in and day out, are very powerful. They shape the way we see our self, how we see other people and how we see the world around us. If you stopped and really thought about the things that you were silently speaking over yourself, … Continue reading Taking your thoughts captive



Recently I was experiencing a lack of joy in a relationship. It occurred to me that I had let unhealthy thoughts creep in to my mind once again. Comparison being the number one unhealthy thought. Just when I think I have the whole comparing thing nailed on the head, it comes back around again. I … Continue reading Comparison

Unpacking Eden : part two

The Garden of Eden was the first home God created for man and woman, for His son and daughter. I believe it was much like a heaven on earth type of thing. It was a perfect place where there was love, peace and abundance. Everything that Adam and Eve needed was in the garden. It … Continue reading Unpacking Eden : part two

Unpacking Eden : part one

What you believe about your origin, where you came from, makes a difference in the way you value yourself and others around you. The book of Genesis tells us about our origin. It perfectly describes to us where we came from and the life that God ultimately wanted us to lead. God created Adam. He … Continue reading Unpacking Eden : part one

understanding your identity : we need to start over

https://youtu.be/DcJV7j5D3PU One of my favorite songs at the moment is Simple Gospel by United Pursuit. I  love these words from the song... I want to know you Lord like I know a friend,  So I’m laying down all my religion. I use to think that I could box you in. I’ve been told to be … Continue reading understanding your identity : we need to start over