Unpacking Eden : part two


The Garden of Eden was the first home God created for man and woman, for His son and daughter. I believe it was much like a heaven on earth type of thing. It was a perfect place where there was love, peace and abundance.

Everything that Adam and Eve needed was in the garden. It was their home, full of food, both plants and animals. The garden was a safe and secure place to live like every good and wonderful home should be and most importantly of all, the Father was there. The most important reason it was home is because there was an intimate connection between the Father and His children.

In Genesis three verse eight it describes how God was walking in the garden in the cool of the day. God was present in the garden and His children knew the sound of His footsteps. I imagine that the sound of His footsteps would have been a welcoming sound, much like when my little girl hears her daddy’s footsteps coming up the path outside the front door at the end of the day. Those footsteps signal that daddy is home and now all is right in her little world. She runs to the door exclaiming “daddy is home!” and she gives him a kiss and a cuddle.

This is what makes our home complete, the presence of the Father and this is what made the garden of Eden a home too. Without the Fathers love the garden of Eden would have been an ordinary place. The Fathers love made it a home.

Everything we need can be found in our Father God. Because of the fall we no longer live in Eden but Jesus came so that we can go to the Father through Him and get back to that life that God intended for us to live, forever in the garden of Eden. To get back to living a life of abundance, full of love, walking with the Lord and having His constant presence.

The garden of Eden was our ultimate home. It was not a story, it was a reality written down and recorded so that every generation would know what life was meant to be for us. Life was meant to be living with the presence of the Lord and his provision and we need to get back to life in the garden, metaphorically speaking, once again.

God please help us put aside everything that distracts us and to help us focus our heart, soul and mind on the things that matter the most, your presence and our intimate relationship with you. We long to live in the comfort of knowing that we are your children, knowing your full love and your full abundance over our lives. Amen.


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