Taking your thoughts captive

Our inner thoughts, the things we silently speak over ourselves day in and day out, are very powerful. They shape the way we see our self, how we see other people and how we see the world around us. If you stopped and really thought about the things that you were silently speaking over yourself, … Continue reading Taking your thoughts captive



Recently I was experiencing a lack of joy in a relationship. It occurred to me that I had let unhealthy thoughts creep in to my mind once again. Comparison being the number one unhealthy thought. Just when I think I have the whole comparing thing nailed on the head, it comes back around again. I … Continue reading Comparison

I long to be called a friend of Jesus

I never really thought about being a servant versus being a friend with Jesus until recently. You know how you read a verse in the bible so many times that you know its words inside out but not fully grasping the understanding of it and then one day you read it again and it just comes alive … Continue reading I long to be called a friend of Jesus

When you find yourself feeling broken

Sometimes I find myself feeling a little broken. Life has left me feeling a little crushed, defeated and overwhelmed. It is not one thing that has left me feeling this way but a string of little things that have come across my path along my way. I just feel like I need to be put … Continue reading When you find yourself feeling broken

Let it go and come alive

https://youtu.be/bvsAV-MgGao We were going about our day in our normal fashion, the sun was shinning, the boys were at work and school and the girls were busy at home. I was pottering around the house listening to music and my little girl was sitting on the floor surrounded by toys immersed in an imaginary game … Continue reading Let it go and come alive