Rise, take up your cross and carry it on

https://vimeo.com/65589786 I am in love with this song at the moment, it is called Wake up and it is by All Sons and Daughters. The words of the song say that even though we have gone through so much pain and feel so much shame we are still breathing, we still get another day to … Continue reading Rise, take up your cross and carry it on


Rise above the atmosphere that surrounds you

I began reading a new book the other week and I was only two pages in and I was enthralled by its words. The words on the page had my complete and utter attention. They spoke straight to my heart and soul and began to stir something within me. I have been reading the book … Continue reading Rise above the atmosphere that surrounds you

Rise each and every day with purpose

I love to hear people tell me their stories. The stories about how they came to know the Lord, how He radically transformed their life, miracles that they have encountered, breakthroughs that they have experienced and just the amazing stories of how God has showed up or crashed in on them in powerful ways.  These … Continue reading Rise each and every day with purpose

Rise to the occasion

Deborah is a hero in the old testament and her story can be found in the book of Judges chapter four. The book of Judges is a time in the Israelite's history where the people are rebelling against God. God would raise up a deliverer—or judge, and the people would repent and turn back to … Continue reading Rise to the occasion

Rise again

For though the righteous fall seven times they rise again but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes. Proverbs 24:16 Sometimes we stumble and sometimes we fall. Life is full of stumbling blocks and occasionally we are going to find ourselves on the ground. The enemy throws stumbling blocks in our way so that he can … Continue reading Rise again