Rise to the occasion


Deborah is a hero in the old testament and her story can be found in the book of Judges chapter four. The book of Judges is a time in the Israelite’s history where the people are rebelling against God. God would raise up a deliverer—or judge, and the people would repent and turn back to God. The people would inevitably fall back into sin again and the cycle would start all over.

Deborah was one of these Judges. She was a prophetess, a speaker of wisdom. She would hear from God and pass on His words to the Israelite’s. Her people were coming under attack by an opposing army and so she drew close to God and received a blueprint, so to speak, of how to defeat the oncoming enemy.

She calls upon one of the military leaders and spoke very direct words to him, she relays Gods blueprint. He is reluctant at first knowing that the Israelite’s were out numbered and ill equipped to be able to win at war, but Deborah takes charge and encourages and inspires him to go into battle. They carry out Gods instructions and they defeat the enemy.

Deborah is a shinning example of a woman with faith in God who arose as a light for her people. We can learn so much from this example of rising to the occasion.

Deborah listened for Gods direction. She was close to God and knew before the battle even started that the Lord would go out before them. When we are seeking answers, direction and wisdom for something we need to turn to God first and listen for His heart on the matter.

So often we try to come up with our own plan or we turn to other people for advice when really we should turn to God first. His word is always going to be so much better than anything else we can come up with. He is longing to provide us with answers, guidance, wisdom and the blue prints we need. He is just waiting for us to come before Him and ask.

Deborah takes charge. She listened to God and had complete faith in His words and then she lead the outnumbered and badly equipped Israelite army to great victory. When we hear from God we need to take charge and carry out what He has spoken to us. We need to have faith that we have heard from God and have faith that what He has asked us to do will not fail.

God honors those who have faith in Him and honors those who are courageous. We need to draw close to God and hear what He is calling us to do and then we need to step up and take charge, we need to rise to the occasion. God wants to use us in powerful ways, just like He used Deborah to set her people free, He wants to use us to deliver our own nation as well. Are you ready to rise to the occasion?


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