Woody and the Toy Story gang

Are you ready for the next installment of Woody and the gangs shenanigans?

We caught them playing with Mr Potato head. Will had a good chuckle at Rex dressed up like Mrs Potato Head!


The gang were helping their buddy Buzz to reach his dream of flying by hoisting him up on the jolly jumper.


This is one of my favorites! Cheeky Woody found the white board marker and has been drawing funny faces on the mirror for his friends.


And then the next night the gang pinned Woody down and drew a funny face on his face!


William came down with a cold and was getting plenty of rest and he even had a day off from school. The gang also came down with a cold so they spent the night sick in bed.


But they were not down and out for very long, the next night they were back at their antics. This time they were caught sitting around the ‘camp fire’ roasting marshmallows. I bet they were telling scary stories too!



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