Woody and the Toy Story gang

The gang were pretty noisy one night. They were having a mini concert, playing jingle bells I believe!


The gang were satisfying their midnight cravings by pinching the lollies form Williams advent calendar.


Woody ran into a bit of trouble on his adventure. He ran into the gang of dinosaurs in the living room, uh oh!


But his friends came to his rescue the next night. It was an all out war! A snow ball war to be exact. William loved this one and continued the snowball fight in the morning.


The gang were for-filling their need for speed by racing on top of the cars down the car ramp!


The gangs version of zorbing!


Say cheese! It is Christmas photo time.


Its a sack race. Or should I say sock race! Will loved this one too and the game continued on in the morning.


Uh oh! naughty Zurg was cooking up some ‘bacon’. Poor Hamm


But don’t worry the gang came to Hamm’s rescue. The next night they were educating Zurg about what are the best foods to eat. ‘Eat your fruit and veg not your friends’ is their new mantra!


William decided to test the gang out. He tied Woody up and took him to bed with him at night. But the gang launched a rescue mission to try and rescue Woody from beneath the sheets.


One more installment of Woody and the Toy Story gang shenanigans to come so stay tuned!

I don’t know who has been enjoying this more, William or me!


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