Exploring our new city…. Whiskeytown National Park

There is still endless sunshine here in North California, just perfect for exploring the great outdoors. We found a lovely little spot in the Whiskeytown Lake area where there was a little creek running through the green Forrest. It was just perfect for the kids to sit and play on the rocks. Little Emily was having so much fun throwing leaves into the water and loved watching them float down steam. She would scoop her little hands in the water and then put them to her mouth sucking in the cool water delighting in it dribbling down her chin. William was an explorer extraordinaire. He was jumping and climbing here and there, finding different pathways over the flowing water. He and Greg built a little boat and floated it down steam and William followed it down steam as far as he could go.

IMG_8432 IMG_8452 IMG_8514 IMG_8519 IMG_8548Our list of things we want to do and explore here is growing by the week and now even William is adding things to the list. The mountains are beckoning to me though and I can not wait to get back out to Mount Shasta. I did notice that the snow has melted away from the mountain top over this past week as it has been so warm so I am hoping that it begins to cool down again and we see some more snow fall soon.


3 thoughts on “Exploring our new city…. Whiskeytown National Park

  1. I saw your tag Redding California. By reading this i gather you are new there? Have you moved there? We are looking into the city ourselves.

      1. Wanting to explore it there ourselves. We hear it is much warmer then here and it is beautiful there with mountains. hmmm. Will continue researching.

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