A message…

youaretrulylovedI had a dream a few weeks ago and it has been one that has stuck with me and I feel that I must share it with you. My dream wasn’t directly for me (even though the message has greatly touched my heart also), yes I saw it but it was like a message that I needed to pass on. See, God likes to remind us that we are the body of Christ and we all need each other and sometimes He will give a message to the arm which is intended for the leg to hear so He gives it to the arm to pass on to the leg. We need each other.

The message was intended for a friend of mine, lets call her Sally. I saw Sally in my dream and she was standing in front of a white wall that stretched on into the distance. When you looked left and right you could not see the end of it, it seemed to stretch on forever. Written on the wall in black writing were words. The words covered every square inch of the wall that stretched on forever. They were written everywhere, there were so many of them that sometimes it was hard to read them. The words were written for Sally. They were words that described who she is, her character, how she was designed. They were words like loved, brave, beautiful, precious, magnificent, wanted, worthy, capable, trustworthy, strong, courageous… the beautiful words and phrases went on and on. They were written there by God just for Sally. To show her, remind her of all the things that she is. Sally began to cry, she didn’t know or she had forgotten how special, how loved she truly was.

I then saw Sally sitting upon a throne and she was surrounded by angels. She was in awe of them and they were in awe of her. They were lavishing gifts upon her, there were so many of them and they were piling up all around her. They were from the most high King, for His princess. Sally began to cry and shake her head and the words that escaped her mouth was that she didn’t know. She didn’t know how much He loved her, how beautiful she was, how precious, worthy, talented, creative, loved and how special she truly was. He was sending me the message to remind Sally of these things.

To remind us all that we are truly loved.


2 thoughts on “A message…

  1. What a beautiful dream. I am praying that “Sally” will instantly know it is just for her when she reads this. xxxx

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