Preoccupied with the vision

seek forst his kingdomI have just finished reading another great book Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson. In the book Bill writes Don’t get so preoccupied with the vision for your life that you miss the process entirely. Over the past few weeks I have been so preoccupied with the vision for my life that I am missing out on the process that I need to go through to get there.

So much of my effort has been thinking about all the possibilities for us after our time here at bible school. I have been looking for signs and listening for words about what he wants us to do and feeling frustrated when nothing was coming. So I started dreaming up my own plans but soon realized that was not the answer either (I wrote about that realization here).

I was definitely preoccupied with the vision that I was missing out on the process. The process of drawing close to God, to knowing him better, to having him living inside of me and resting upon me. It is through this process that I become so close to God that I can feel and hear his heartbeat. That I can feel his love for this world and hear what he wants me to do with it.

So there will be less planning and more listening, less focusing on the end goal and more focusing on the steps that I am taking to get there and more of me drawing closer to God than pulling away and trying to do everything in my own strength. I have so much to learn but it is a wonderful learning journey to be on.


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