Straight to the heart


I was recently given a prophetic word, it spoke straight to my heart and I wanted to share it with you.

She (the young girl who was giving me the prophetic word) saw me kneeling down to clean up some milk that had been spilled on the floor. Jesus knelt down beside me with a cloth in his hand to help me. He looked me in the eye, laid his hand upon mine and said thank you. He was thanking me for all the things I have done, all the little things I do that are behind the scenes, for all the things that I have done out of love, even though they may feel like small things such as cleaning up split milk. They may not seem that much of a big deal but he sees everything that I do and he is very grateful.

This is just what my heart needed to hear. So often, as a mother I feel like my role is not that big of a deal. I stay home and I cook, wipe faces, tie shoe laces, fold laundry, adhere to nap times and play times and feeding times, buy groceries, make sure the library books are returned on time, clean up the spilled milk…

I know that my little family are thankful for what I do but sometimes it is hard to stay home and do these things. I am finding it especially hard here. You see my hubby gets to go out (almost) each day and he is experiencing so many amazing things. He comes home and tells me about all the new and exciting people he has met and shares with me their amazing stories, he is seeing miracles happen before his eyes and all the while I am here at home.  I would love to be out there learning, seeing miracles and being a part of something amazing.

…But my God is thankful to me for everything that I do. He sees me and looks lovingly upon me. The thing that got me was when she said for all the things that you do out of love. That is the driving force behind our roles as mothers and that is what keeps me home with my children. As mothers we love our family, we love our children. When we love and do things from that place of love that is our act of worship, our part of something amazing. We are honoring God and we are stewarding what he has given us well.

So do not feel like there is nothing important in cleaning up the spilled milk. You are a part of something amazing, your love for your family is bringing heaven to earth in your home. God can see you and he looks lovingly upon you and he is thankful.


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