Completely and wonderfully free


Let me be clear, the anointed one has set us free – not partially but completely and wonderfully free! We must always cherish this truth and stubbornly refuse to go back into the bondage of our past.
Galatians 5 verse 1 of the Passion Translation

I saw this verse played out in my daughter today. We had spent most of the day inside. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful afternoon when we finally made it outside to enjoy the end of the day. When little Em was released from the house, as soon as the front door opened she ran out with a smile on her face screaming “weeee” as she ran down the path to freedom. In that moment she felt wonderful. She was free from the indoors and now free to run and to have fun in the sunshine. She climbed the little hill near our apartment and would run down so fast that she screamed with delight, she is a little thrill junky.

When it was time to come back indoors little Em was not happy. She hung her head and pretended not to listen. As I called her name for her to come back inside her little stubborn nature kicked in and she started to move in the other direction. Not helpful for me, her mother who is trying to beckon her inside but perfect as an illustration for this verse above!

We are set free – completely and wonderfully free. Like the freedom of my little girl running in the wide open spaces and feeling the beautiful sunshine on her face. His grace and His love covers us. We have been redeemed.

We must stubbornly refuse to go back into the bondage of our past. Instead pretend you can not hear it beckoning, run in the opposite direction and stubbornly refuse to go back. Let your old habits fall away, let go of the fear, anxiety, shame whatever it is let it go and do not pick it back up again. Easier said then done I know but just imagine what you can do once you no longer live in fear or suffer from anxiety. Just imagine the person you can become when you no longer carry the shame of your past. That is freedom, completely and wonderfully free by the grace of God.


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