Don’t believe the little lies


At the moment I feel like I am going through a process of having things shaken off of me.

While I was reading my bible this week I came across this verse …..

“Don’t you know that when you allow even a little lie into your heart it can permeate your entire belief system” (Galatians 5:9 Passion translation).

Over the years little lies have made their way into my belief system. Little lies like, you are not skilled or talented enough, you are not capable of achieving great things, you are not worthy, you are not this, you are not that…

I can feel God shaking the little lies off me. Some of them I have believed for a long time so they are taking longer to fall away. As I choose to no longer believe the lies and I start to listen to what God says about me I can discover who I really am. Who He made me to be and not this watered down version that I have become because of the lies I have chosen to believe about myself and have let permeate my belief system.

What are the little lies that you have believed about yourself? Shake them off, listen to what God says about you for you are sons and daughters of the king.


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