Making a list


I am making a list.

A list of all the ways God has shown himself faithful to me. So that I may never forget His goodness.

So that when my ground seems to be shaky or my path seems to be hidden from me I can look back upon my list and see all that He has done for me and be reassured that He will continue to do that and even more.

So that my heart will be reassured and remain steadfast in His promises.

So that I can remind myself of His goodness, His faithfulness, His mercy and His love.

So that I can tell others of these things and see faith increased.

So often we can forget all the good things. We forget His faithfulness and the blessing He has poured out for us. We can get weighed down with the unanswered prayers. He has provided for you before and He will provide again.

So I encourage you to make a list to see His faithfulness played out in your life.


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