Satan fears that the church will gain back her confidence and begin to restore our ruined cities. He works overtime to tell us how weak the church is, how dark the day is and how angry our father is with us. This is all a bunch of lies. – Kris Vallotton, Supernatural ways of Royalty

I love this quote and I love how Kris Vallotton just says it like it is!

I have been guilty of believing these bunch of lies. Living with the doom and gloom message floating around in my head. Feeling as though the problems that surround me are too big and I am too small. I am powerless against them so instead I bury my head in the sand.

When I shrink back and hide from the problems around me, I become smaller and the enemy becomes bigger. He is working overtime to tell me how weak I am, how dark the day is and how angry my God is with me for being so small. The devil only has control over us when we agree with his accusations, we partner with his lies and start changing our behaviour and beliefs based on the lies he has spoken to us.

I need an identity change from God. I am a daughter of the King. God does not remind me of my smallness, in fact He calls me out to have courage and boldness.

When we are sick and tired of the problems around us, the problems in our own lives and those that exist in the world, we feel powerless, we are praying for a miracle. Has it occurred to you that you could be that miracle? You could be that person who stops believing the lies of the enemy and stops shrinking back. You could be that person who listens to God calling you out to have courage and boldness to speak out against the lies, to stand up for what is right, to love others, to stand up for injustice, to heal the sick, to encourage the leaders of our nations whatever the problem is, you could be a part of the solution.

The biggest lie that the enemy tells us is that God is angry with us. He is not angry with us, He is our loving father and we are his children, heirs to the throne. His grace and mercy covers us. The enemy likes to remind us of our smallness but our God reminds us of our greatness and power.

We all need an identity change from God. No shrinking back to the size of the enemy. May the enemy tremble as we gain back confidence in ourselves, believe in our great big God and his love for us and together we can restore our ruined cities.


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