dreaming big…


I am a dreamer. I love to sit and dream and think and plan all sorts of wonderful things for my life.

I also dream in the night, when I am asleep my mind is active. God speaks to me and revels things to me in my night time dreams. Our own special little communication process. I love it.

As our time is drawing to a close here in California we are beginning to sit and dream and think and plan for the next steps we are going to take. The dreams are big, wild and exciting. Some seem impossible in the natural but simple in the supernatural.

One dream I have that I can share with you is this. I would love to see the renovations continue on my little seaside home. We would love to extend the house so we have more room to grow and play and live. We would love our backyard to become a wonderful oasis with bountiful vegetable patches, fruit trees, a chicken coop filled with chickens, an outdoor kitchen complete with pizza oven and a fire pit. I envision a cubby house, swing set and trampoline for the children and hopefully even a new puppy!

I can get so caught up in dreaming about my future plans that I forget to live in the here and the now. As I write this we still have nine and a bit weeks until we are back home. Nine weeks still left of growing, learning and experiencing so I need to finish this season and finish it well.

Some times I find it a daily struggle to live in the here and the now. It is important to keep your eyes fixed and focused on the future but I think it is about finding the balance between the two. Having a hope for the future and being able to pray into it and still focusing and finishing out strongly in the current season you are in.

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