Sometimes laughter is the best medicine


My little boy and I sat together at our kitchen table staring in to each others eyes. We were in the middle of a face off, over school work – neither one of us wanting to back down The tension was high and I knew it was going to end in tears soon and then in walked my little toddler. She had on an Iron-Man mask which was nearly as twice as big as her head and she looked so silly. Will and I took one look at her and then we burst out laughing.

It was just the right thing at the right time to diffuse the tension in the room. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Of course Little Em delighted in being the center of attention and performed for us a little and then she was running away again to play.

We sat back down at the table again and giggled a little more at just how silly Em can be sometimes and then we got back to work. Will had forgotten his previous stance over his school work and he was able to listen to reason. Of course after the wonderful response she got over the Iron man mask wearing incident Em was back to the table a few more times to try and make us laugh, she is such a little cutie pie.

Laughter is good medicine. When you feel like you could either laugh or cry, choose to laugh. It could just change your whole situation, your whole outlook on life and your whole day right around.

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