Strength was a recurring theme in my readings today.

Strengthen the feeble, steady the knees that give way….

He strengthens the weary…

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength…

I will strengthen and help you…

I will uphold you…

There is no shame in being weak, there is no shame in revealing your weaknesses and there is no shame in admitting that your knees are giving way under the pressure of it all. The enemy wants to bring shame upon your weaknesses, to remain there in that place of despair but God reaches out His hand to help you. He does not push you back down or belittle you for your weakness.  He wants you to be strengthened. He wants your hope to be restored and your strength renewed. You once were strong and He wants to restore you back to that strength. He wants you to rise up, to run strong and to walk without growing faint.

He doesn’t reject you, He will strengthen you and uphold you with His right hand. He makes all things work for good. He can turn our times of hurt, pain and weakness around so that we become resilient, doing things we never thought we could do. In those times He will draw us closer to Him as we learn to trust and lean on His word and our faith will be ignited. Through weak times His faithfulness and goodness will be revealed.

Draw close to God and He will point out your strengths. As you listen to Him and look upon your strengths and stand in their light you will soon believe in them. You will begin to walk out of weakness and into strength. His strength in us, that was there all along but we just forgot about it.


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