Praise is a matter of life and BREATH


I love to sing praises to God. Worship time is my favorite time. Worship is how we express our love for God. A time where we let our thanksgiving overflow. Praise and worship is also a powerful weapon in our hands. Praise can bring encouragement, breakthrough, encounters with the Holy Spirit and it can help us to overcome our fears, anxieties and our doubts.

There are so many things in life that try to steal praises from your heart. There is pain, heartache, trials and tribulations that try to steal our joy and the praises from our lips…

…But each of these things brings us into an opportunity to praise God and declare His goodness over our lives. These trials can either make us bitter or better. You see God is bigger than anything that life can throw at you. Not everything that happens in life is Gods will. God is a good God and He only has good things for us because that is His nature.

When you are feeling discouraged, when all the joy has left you and fear and anxiety are beginning to arise, an act of praise is your greatest weapon to overcoming these emotions.

Instead of giving into the feeling of fear start to declare Gods strength and boldness, that He is an ever present help in our time of need. When anxiety is knocking at the door begin to declare that you will not be shaken because through His love we will overcome.

As you start to declare these truths over your life your perspective will begin to change. You will start to see things from heavens perspective and you will be able to pull heaven down to earth.

As you bring praise you position yourself for breakthrough and for encounters with heaven. Your heart and mind will begin to shift and thankfulness will begin to grow. So be encouraged, your praises are powerful. You will overcome the things that life is trying to throw at you as you declare your love for God.


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