Loving one another well


You are faithful, you never give up on me. You are able to finish all you have started in me. You are stable through all these changes life can bring. You remain the same. Amy Miller

As these words were spontaneously sung out at church one Sunday evening by a gorgeous young woman who has been contending for many years for something and she is finally seeing breakthrough I was reminded that we are all contending in prayer for something. We are all waiting on the Lord to break through in our circumstances.

How do you respond when somebody receives their breakthrough and you are still contending for yours? It is a challenging thing to do, to examine our responses in this situation. Do we react from an orphan spirit where we try to hold onto and grab everything for ourselves because we fear that there is not enough to go around? Or do we react from an identity that is secure in Gods love and provision that knows there is enough to go around so we can freely rejoice and be glad for others when their prayers are answered?

I took the challenge and examined myself and discovered that unfortunately I have often reacted from the place of an orphan spirit and not even truly understood why it is I was reacting that way. But the old has gone and the new has come. My mind and heart has been renewed and I have discovered my true identity in Christ, someone who knows that His love and promises are endless and that His blessing are abundant, they will never run out.

Pray together for your breakthroughs. There are no needs greater than another, big or small, bring them all before God. Rejoice together, even when someone else gets their breakthrough and you are still waiting for yours. Gods blessings are endless, just because somebody else got their breakthrough doesn’t mean there is any less for the rest of us. God is bigger and better than that.

Encourage one another, build one another up, lean on each other and rejoice with each other. That is loving one another well.


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