Falling in love with the word


The season that I have just come through made me really dive deep into the word of God. I found myself falling in love with the bible all over again but this time I feel that it was with a fresh set of eyes. Eyes that now see God as a loving and faithful Father and not one of condemnation who strikes fear in the hearts of His children.

His commands, His teachings and His promises are no longer just words on the page, they have come to life for me. I now know the heart behind the God who inspired those words to be written.

I no longer just read them because I know that I am ‘supposed to’  but I read them and meditate on them and hold them in my heart because I know that they are written just for me. To strengthen me, to uphold me, to encourage me and inspire me. To bring me peace and comfort, knowledge and wisdom, the words are the bread for my life.

I encourage you to fall in love once again with Gods word. To hold Gods promises in your heart, to take them in and meditate on them and truly have faith in them and Him. His love and faithfulness will bring you peace through every season in life.

If you hold true to these things you will be strengthened in the Lord. Even when you are suffering He will speak into your affliction. Hear Him calling you out, listen and answer.


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