I am trying…


I am trying so hard to shift my focus at the moment. I am trying to shift my focus from what I do not have or can not do, to focusing on what I do have and what I can do.

A negative attitude can make the season you are in seem more difficult and last a lot longer than it actually is.

I am trying to accept the things that I can not change, giving over to God the things He can change and working on the things that I can change.

Recently I had a dream that I was trying to drive my car sitting in the back seat. I was doing my best to lean over the drivers seat and try to steer and navigate the obstacles in front of me. I began to realize that the car was actually driving fine without me having to struggle from the back seat. It was going the right speed, it was going in the right direction and it was even stopping when it needed to.

When I woke from the dream I realized it was God sending me a message. He was saying to me “remember all those years ago (and many more times since then) when you gave your life over to me? When you invited me in to your heart?” You see God is driving this car and He has it in complete control, I need to stop trying to take over from the back seat. He is taking me where I need to be going at exactly the right speed, in exactly the right direction and I should be trusting Him and enjoying the ride (the process) after all that is the best part of the whole thing.

So I am trying my very best to shift my focus and remember that God has everything perfectly planned.

I am trying to stop driving from the back seat and just do my part while He does His.

I am trying to change my attitude so that my season does not feel longer and harder than it really is.

I am trying not to be a victim of my circumstances.

I am trying to rise above, take charge and say no to the negative attitude and play my part well in Gods great plan for my life.


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