The long walk home…


I hadn’t been out for a walk in a while and I just wanted to walk and walk and walk. It felt great, but at some point I had to turn around and make the very long journey back home. At the exact point that the realization of now having a long distance to walk home hit me, the sun as if sensing my mood slipped behind the clouds and it shifted from being bright and sunny to dark and gloomy and the cold began to creep in.

Was it really the long walk home that made me feel this way or was that just standing in front of what was really bothering me?  The long walk for my tired body was just a mask for the real issues that I was feeling dark and gloomy over.

Sensing my shift in mood I decided to change the song I was listening to and started to play the song your a good good father and my heart changed. Darkness, gloom and the cold were held at bay by the truth of a loving father who is perfect in all of His ways even in the setting of the sun and the shift in seasons.

As I walked I could see the colours shifting in the ocean and she was moody but she was still beautiful. Your season can be tiring but still beautiful. Say no to the bad mood season and yes to growing in that season. Throw your hands up and worship your way out of it.

The sun had not set on me, it was still there the sun rays peeking out behind the cloud. Still there to guide me back home before the moon and stars made an appearance. On that long walk home I was so distracted by the changing colours reflecting in the ocean and the darling little birds who seemed to be accompanying me on my walk home that I didn’t notice the long journey. It was made pleasant. It gave me more time to think, ponder, reflect and soak in His presence. He really can make all things turn to good.

When I got home my husband had a podcast playing and as soon as I heard it everything in me stopped and payed attention. It was just what I needed to hear, it spoke to the very thing that I had been masking and wrestling with.

I am so thankful to God who pays attention to every little detail in me. That He is able to speak into every little situation, helping me to refocus and to gain wisdom and understanding. I am so thankful that He has helped me to understand that I am powerful and that He has taught me how to take authority over my thoughts and my response to them.

Things will always come against us, trying to steal our joy. Recognise them and fight them off with the truth that God speaks over you. Worship your way out of it.


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