Just when I thought that I had done a good job kicking fear out of my life I discovered that it had made its way back in again. It was ever so subtle, but each day it was beginning to grow more and more.

I recently read this wonderful quote by Havilah Cunnington…We need to increase our faith and not just reject fear. The best weapon against fear is increased faith.

I had never thought about it that way before. Usually I take a stand and try to reject fear by making declarations over my fears, praying and aligning my thoughts with the truth. All these things are important to do but perhaps the best weapon I can have against fear is my faith?

Faith can be defined as confidence and trust. When you have complete confidence and complete trust in God you can’t be easily shaken. You fear nothing when you trust God. You have complete confidence that He will do what He said He was going to do and so you do not fear the future because you know that God is taking care of it. You have complete confidence that He loves you unconditionally so you are not afraid to seek His grace and mercy when you stumble.

So how does one increase faith?

You spend time reading the word of God letting Him speak to you through its pages, remembering the many signs and wonders that displayed Gods power, majesty and love and know that they are still happening for us today.

Listen to others tell their stories and share their testimonies of how God miraculously transformed their lives. Of how He has made a way where there seemed no way, when He opened closed doors and when He restored broken relationships.

Go back and remember your history with God. Reflect on the times He has shone through brightly in your circumstances. Remember the ways He has provided for you, uplifted you, strengthened you and comforted you.

When you take the time to do these things, your faith will increase and you will grow closer and more intimate with the Father and fear will have no stronghold over you.


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