Here and now


Be present in the here and now. If you are going too fast through your day you may miss divine opportunities along the way. If I spend time mourning over the fact that my baby girl is growing so fast and soon she will be in school I begin to loose my joy. Instead I should focus on the here and now and be present in my day and enjoy every sweet moment that we have together.

I regret missed opportunities.  Like not spending more time with my Dad before he passed away,  not stopping to talk and pray for the lady that I saw at the shopping center who looked like she could do with some help or not reconnecting with that long lost friend that I bumped into the other day because I was too shy.

I often find myself asking God for His mercy and forgiveness over the opportunities I have let pass me by and asking Him for another opportunity. Sometimes I get the opportunity to try again and other times I do not.

Go slow. Look around you and see what God is leading you to. Don’t miss out on the divine opportunities that come your way.

There is no greater time than this. Do not let the opportunities pass you by because you are too distracted looking to the past or looking to the future. Be present in the here and now.

What can you squeeze out of your today? Really taste the goodness and sweetness of today. Even if your life seems chaotic, messy or maybe even slow and waiting – drink it in.

He has something for you today that will benefit your tomorrow.


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