You are known and you are seen


You may feel that you are hidden away, only known by name by a handful of people. You walk quietly through life, the impact of your footprints that you leave behind are eventually washed away by the waves on the shore. Life seems small and quiet but you need to know that you are not insignificant. You are as valuable as the bright moon in a darkened sky.

God knows your name and He sees your every move. Even when we feel like we are in those seasons of hiddeness, quietly working away on the things that we have been handed, He still knows us and sees us. Or even if we have been wounded and hurt and we are hiding our face from God, He still knows and sees us.

He knows us by name and He sees everything that we do all through the eyes of love. He is not there looking upon us with condemnation. He is not waiting to criticize us or to harshly judge us.

He is there whispering to you “I know you because you are my beloved and I only want to tell you that I love you and that I am proud of the good and wonderful things you are doing”.

If the things you are doing are not good and wonderful then He is still looking at you through the eyes of love and you are still His beloved. He would still be whispering to you “I love you and I have better things for you, things that do not bring hurt, pain or destruction”. He would offer to you His grace and mercy and help you to walk down the path to healing and freedom. You see there is no place that you can go that Gods love wont find you.

You are known and you are seen. Do not feel insignificant, you matter to Him more that you will ever know.


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