Change : Champions of change

Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul. Author unknown.

As I am journeying through life, I am understanding more and more the importance of surrounding yourself with people who encourage and inspire you, who give wise counsel and can speak life into your heart and soul.

We need to gather to ourselves our tribe. Our tribe are the people in our life who love and support us unconditionally. They are the kind of people who will not throw water on the fire that is burning in us, instead they will fan the flames to get that sucker roaring!

Stepping out into change is hard and we need a good support crew around us. Our tribe should be people who we have choosen wisely. We are entrusting our bare hearts to them so they should be proven to be trustworthy and loyal and should not betray our confidence.

We need our tribe to be people who will encourage us and cheer us on. When we become vulnerable with them and we share our exciting season of change that is about to begin they do not fill our heads and hearts with negative thoughts and attitudes but are able to encourage, inspire and champion us on.

Our tribe are real with us. They can give us the honest truth but from a place of love. They should offer great advice and we should always leave their presence feeling uplifted and full of hope.

So gather your tribe as you begin to walk through your new season of change. Gather the people to you that will be of great encouragement and support. Surround yourself with them and champion one another on, pray for each other, encourage one another and love one another unconditionally and you will find that your season of change is not that difficult at all when you have your tribe with you.


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