Change : change of the heart

You can not change what is going on around you until you start changing what is going on within you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you just let words slip out of your mouth and you regret them as soon as you have said them? You are left wondering why you even said them in the first place and wondering why it is you reacted that way at all.

When you are left wondering about your thoughts, feelings and reactions the best place to start is by asking Holy Spirit to reveal to you the things that are going on in your heart.

I have recently had break through in this area. I was struggling with the way I was responding to somebody near and dear to me and my heart was awakened by the Holy Spirit to the reason behind my reactions.

I wanted to change the way I was behaving but I didn’t know how because I didn’t know why I was behaving that way in the first place. So I came before God and asked Him for His forgiveness over my reactions and asked Holy Spirit to come and reveal to me why I was behaving in this way.

You see God wants us to be healthy and whole and He is longing for us to come before Him and to ask for help. He is waiting and willing to offer help as soon as we ask for it, but the first step is that we actually ask for it.

We have to be willing to change from the inside out. We have to become vulnerable with God and ourselves so that we can discover what is going on in our hearts. It will hurt but it will be worth it. Sometimes it will require us to go out of our comfort zones, but it will be worth it.

After I asked Holy Spirit to reveal to me what it was that I was dealing with I was then still before Him and listened for His answer. His answer came swiftly and He did not beat around the bush, He went straight to the heart of the matter. As soon as He began to speak I understood what was going on in my heart. It hurt, but at the same time I was so relieved to finally have an answer to why I was behaving this way.

Holy Spirit did not just leave me there with my heart and soul bared, He began to show me how I could then walk out of those old ways and into freedom. He showed me how to get healing over those past hurts.

I was longing to change what was going on around me but first I had to change what was going on inside of me. I had to realign my head and my heart and I did that with the help of the Holy Spirit.

If you find yourself in this same position, longing for change but do not know where to start, start with yourself. Come before the Lord and ask for His help, His wisdom and His guidance through the Holy Spirit. The Lord will not leave you hanging. He longs to see you walking in freedom and He will lead you there Himself.


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