Change : loss & gain

Do not be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better.

I came across this quote as I was mindlessly scrolling through internet land one day and the words stuck with me. This seems to be the story of my life. Over the years I have gone through so many changes and with each and every change that I have made I have lost something.

I have lost ground on friendships, let go of possessions, homes and jobs, lost ground in my professional career, lost money and countless other things but even as I recount all of the loss I have experienced I would still go through those changes all over again.

Even though I have experienced so much loss I have gained so much more. I  have met many wonderful new people that have become more like family than friends, I have learned to fully rely and have complete faith in my great big God to provide all of my needs and He has not failed me once. I have seen the world and gone to places I never imagined I would, I have become more intimate with my Heavenly Father and grown closer to my husband and children as we have traveled together and walked through this crazy little life of ours. New opportunities to work and serve have opened up before me, opportunities that would never have come my way if I had of remained where I was and never made any changes in my life.

My little family and I have gone through many changes, small changes and mighty big changes and with each and every change we have lost things but we have gained so much more.

When God is calling you to step into change and let go of something, I encourage you to do it, to follow His voice because what He has for you is so much better, grander, exciting and life changing than you can ever imagine.

Do not be afraid and hold firm to His promises. You may end up losing a few things along the way but what you gain will be a whole lot better.


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